DEFS (DIY Toolkit - Vol A)

This function can be used to examine the SuperBASIC name list, which contains the names of all machine code Procedures, Functions, variables, SuperBASIC PROCedures and SuperBASIC FuNctions which are available to SuperBASIC.


A program to print out the full name list (this only works on Minerva and SMSQ/E):

100 nlist_start=PEEK_L (\\ HEX('20'))
110 nlist_end=PEEK_L (\\ HEX('24'))
120 nlist_len=nlist_end-nlist_start
125 names=0
130 FOR i=0 TO nlist_len
140   x$=_NAME$(i)
150   names=names+1+LEN(x$)
155   IF names>nlist_len: EXIT i
160   PRINT i,x$
165   PAUSE
170 END FOR i


The name list can be tidied up with CLEAR. EXTRAS will list all the machine code Procedures and Functions. See also LOOKUP%.