EDITF ([#ch,] {default | default$} [,maxlen%])


Turbo Toolkit

This function is similar to EDLINE$. However, EDITF is intended solely for asking the user to enter a floating point number. The specified default (which may be given as a number or a string) is printed at the current text cursor position in #ch (default #1) and allows you to edit it. The parameter maxlen% dictates the maximum number of characters allowed (this defaults to the amount set when the Turbo Toolkit is configured). The edited result is returned when <ENTER> is pressed. If the string contains a nonsensical value when <ENTER> is pressed, a warning beep is sounded.


On non-SMS machines, a buffer full error could be reported if an attempt was made to enter a string longer than 118 characters, or the length of the longest SuperBASIC line listed or edited to date, whichever is longer.


See EDLINE$. EDIT% and EDIT$ are also useful.