BGCOLOUR_24 [#ch,] colour


SMSQ/E v2.98+

This is similar to BGCOLOUR_QL in that it allows you to set a wallpaper to cover the whole of the available screen (in any resolution).

A valid window channel must be open, default #1 (or #0 on a SBASIC with only #0 open), although one may also be supplied as #ch.

BGCOLOUR_24 allows you to specify any 24 Bit Colour - the parameters allowed are the same as for the INK command (in COLOUR_24 mode), which thus allows for you to specify composite colours.


BGCOLOUR_24 $920000,$ff0092,3 -sets a checkerboard pattern of Dark Red and Shocking Pink.


Refer to Appendix 16 and INK for more details on colours.

BGCOLOUR_QL gives more detail.

BGIMAGE may be used to set a screen image as the wallpaper.