Syntax condition1 XOR condition2
Location QL ROM

This combination operator combines two condition tests together and will have the value 0 if both condition1 and condition2 are true or both are false or 1 if either condition1 or condition2 are true (but not both).

Please note the difference between this and the bitwise XOR operator: x^^y, which compares x and y bit by bit.


PRINT 1 XOR 0: REMark Returns 1.
PRINT 2 XOR 10 REMark Returns 0.


PRINT 2^^10

which returns 8.

10 FOR x=1 TO 5
20   FOR y=1 TO 5
30     IF x=3 XOR y >1 AND y<3:PRINT x;'=>';y,
40   END FOR y
50 END FOR x

produces the following output:

1=>2 2=>2 3=>1 3=>3 3=>4 3=>5 4=>2 5=>2


AND, OR and NOT are the other combination operators.