BASIC_B% (offset) and

BASIC_W% (offset) and

BASIC_F (offset)


Turbo Toolkit, BTool, Turbo Toolkit (BASIC_L only)

The functions BASIC_B% and BASIC_W% are similar to BASIC_B and BASIC_W. BASIC_F is a further function which can be used to return a floating point number stored as six bytes starting at the specified offset within the SuperBASIC system variables.


A file called TurboFix_bin can be used to allow these functions to access Minerva MultiBASIC / SBASIC variables. Some early versions of TurboFix_bin have bugs in it. Beware that not all versions of this file supports SMS SBASICs.


Refer to BASIC_B and BASIC_W. PEEK_F is similar to BASIC_F.