WAIT_EVENT (event [,timeout] )


SMSQ/E v2.71+

This function access the Event Accumulator for the current job and checks whether the specified event (or events) have occurred. If you want to check for the occurrence of several events, you merely need to add together the numbers of the events. If any one of the specified events has already occurred then the function will return the total value of the specified events which have occurred. If none of the specified events have occurred, then this function will suspend the current program until one of those events has occurred or the specified timeout (if any) has elapsed. If timeout is not specified then the function will wait forever. If the reason for the function returning was that the timeout has elapsed (and none of the specified events have occurred) then the returned value will be 0.



This wait for event numbers 4 and 8 (4+8=12). If event 8 was notified as having occurred, then the value 8 would be shown on screen.


SEND_EVENT notifies a Job’s Event Accumulator that one or more events have occurred.