Location Fn (v1.02 or later)

This function is really only useful on a Minerva ROM (although it will work quite happily on any other ROM). It is sometimes useful when writing programs which are to run in Minerva’s dual screen mode to discover which is the default screen. This is made necessary because all new windows which are opened, and all MODE commands operate on the current default screen.

This therefore means that if a program is badly written, it is possible that whilst the program is running the default screen is switched, giving the result that some of its windows are opened on scr0 and some on scr1. PRINT DEFAULT_SCR will return 0 or 1 depending whether the default screen is scr0 or scr1. If Minerva is not in dual screen mode, or if Minerva is not present, 0 will be returned.


A program to change the MODE of the current program safely (ie. it will only alter the MODE of the screen in which the program is running):

110 SET_MODE 8
120 :
200 DEFine PROCedure SET_MODE (alp)
210   IF RMODE(This_JOB)=alp:RETurn
230   MODE 64+32,-1:MODE alp:MODE 64+32,-1
240 END DEFine


MODE alters the mode of the current screen and job and can be used to alter the current default screen, RMODE returns the mode of the given screen.