FTEST (name)


Toolkit II

The function FTEST is designed to allow you to test for the status of a file with the specified name. It will return a value of 0 if the given name can be opened for input only. It may however return a negative number representing an error code which would result if you tried to OPEN or OPEN_IN that file.


The return of -6 (channel not open) has a special meaning in relation to this function, it means that the function could not find any room in the channel table to try and access the file.


Due to the nature of the command, name can be used to represent any valid device, and could therefore, for example, be used to check if a resolution of 768x280 pixels is supported:

100 a$='scr_768x280a0x0'
110 IF FTEST(a$)<0
120   a$='scr_512x256a0x0'
130 END IF
140 OPEN #3,a$


On Level-2 and Level-3 devices, there is always a file with the same name as the actual name of the device (eg. ‘flp1_’). This therefore allows you to check if a medium is present in a Level-2 device:

IF FTEST(flp1_) < 0 THEN PRINT 'Please insert disk'

You must however be aware that on Level-1 devices, it is unlikely that such a file will be present and that FTEST will return -7 even if there is a disk present.


FTEST will not warn you if a disk is read only, which can create problems.


FOPEN and FOP_IN allow you to open files safely. DMEDIUM_RDONLY can be used to find out if a disk is write protected.