Syntax ACCEL_SET type,option
Location ST/QL

Before the ST/QL Emulator can use an accelerator board plugged into the Atari ST, it is necessary to use the command ACCEL_SET to tell the Emulator about the board and to activate the board.

There are currently five accelerator boards which are recognised by the Emulator. Use the following values for type to tell the Emulator which one is attached:

  • H - HyperCache (ProVME)
  • A - AdSpeed (ICD)
  • M - MegaSTE (ATARI)
  • P - HyperCache 030 (ProVME), 68030 Board
  • T - TT (ATARI)

If you have a 68030 board attached, the ST/QL Emulator can only use external caches with this board.

The option parameter currently only has any effect when HyperCache is attached. This can have the value 6 or 7 (default is 6). This is used to specify which bit of the Atari’s sound chip is used to switch HyperCache. If you have the HyperCache 030 attached, you can pass the parameter 0 (default) to enable external caches only, 1 to enable the internal caches only or 2 to enable both external and internal caches.


Unfortunately, due to the higher speed of the Atari ST with an accelerator board enabled, you may encounter problems with the parallel printer board - use the command PAR_PULSE.