Syntax CD_INIT [name$]
Location SMSQ/E for QPC

QPC is able to use a CD player linked to a PC in order to play Audio CDs at present.

You first of all need to initialise the CD drive by using this command. CD_INIT causes QPC to seach for a CD-ROM drive and initialise the driver.

You can either pass the name of the drive as a parameter or, if you do not use name$, then QPC will use the PC program MSCDEX (if present) to locate the CD-ROM Drive. MSCDEX can be loaded in the PC file AUTOEXEC.BAT if you wish, otherwise the CD drive name must appear in the PC file CONFIG.SYS.


CD_INIT ‘mscd001’


This command will only be recognised once.


The CD player commands and functions will not work if you have not loaded the PC’s CD-ROM driver in config.sys, for example with the line:



CD_PLAY allows you to play CD Audio tracks.

CD_EJECT ejects a disk from the drive, or allows you to insert a new disk.