Syntax SNET_USE id
Location SMSQ/E, ATARI Emulators

Due to the fact that SERNET Networks can be run on computers alongside MIDINET Networks and even QNET Networks, it may be necessary to alter the identification letter used to access facilties on other computers in the Network. The default letter id is s, but this can be set to any other single letter by using this command. However, you should avoid letters which already appear as the first letter in another device driver (see DEVLIST).


DEV_USE 3,c2_win1_

Redefine DEV3_ so that it refers to win1_ on station number 2 in the SERNET Network. This can be useful to allow some programs to access data over the Network. However note the file protection implemented in SERNET and MIDINET.


Before v2.28 of Toolkit II, the various wildcard commands did not accept any single letter other than n as representing a Network.


See SNET and SERNET. Refer also to SNET_S%. MNET_USE is similar. See also NFS_USE.