ATARI_REXT (v1.24 to v2.15)

The ST-QL Emulators contain new extensions (based upon the QSound device) to enable programs to use the ST’s sound facilities. Unfortunately, these extensions clash with the Turbo SuperBASIC compiler from Digital Precision. When the Emulator is started up, these sound extensions are switched off. SND_EXT will switch them back on. This command was replaced in v2.15 by ATARI_EXT.

You can test if the QSOUND interface (or these commands) are present by using:

PEEK_L(!! HEX('164'))

which will be 0 unless the commands are present (Turbo may also alter this figure whilst it is compiling a program).


The sound extensions may crash the hardware.


Some of the available extensions for sound are PLAY, RELEASE, BELL, SHOOT, EXPLODE.