REPORT [#channel] or

REPORT [#channel,][error_number](Toolkit II, THOR XVI, TinyToolkit, BTool)


QL ROM (post JM), Toolkit II, TinyToolkit, THOR XVI and BTool

This command will print an error message to the given channel (default #0, the command line). The type of error is identified by the error number. If an error number is not supplied, then the last error to have occurred is displayed. The error message depends on the machine where the program is running, see ERNUM for conventions. Positive error numbers have no effect.


Toolkit II’s REPORT allows any value for the error_number, whereas TinyToolkit and BTool limit them to -1 to -21 and report undefined error for values lower than -21. Except under SMS, with Toolkit II, negative errors smaller than -27 may lead to undefined actions ie. printing a continuous stream of characters to the report channel - this may never stop.


TRA can be used to redefine the error messages.


For the original REPORT (QL ROM), only the first version of the command can be used. Further, if the supplied channel is not yet open, no error is reported and REPORT simply returns to BASIC as if it had carried out its job successfully. Also, on Minerva, SMS and ST/QL Emulators with E-Init software v1.27+, REPORT will show the line and statement number where the error occurred (rather than merely the line number) in the form: At line <line number>;<statement number><error message>


See ERNUM about error messages in general and TK2_EXT /TINY_EXT about updating Toolkits. Refer to the Appendix for the different message texts in various languages.