HOT_OFF (key$) or

HOT_OFF (Thingname$)



The HOT_OFF function allows you to turn off an individual hotkey by either specifying the hotkey itself, or the name of the Thing accessed by using the hotkey, if the second variant is used (if there are two hotkeys which access the same Thing, the first hotkey alphabetically will be turned off).

The second variant even allows you to pass the string or command used by HOT_KEY or HOT_CMD, although this is a somewhat dubious method of doing this!!

Even though the hotkey has been turned off, it will still appear in the hotkey list (see HOT_LIST), although pressing the hotkey will have no effect.


If the hotkey or Thingname cannot be found, the function will return -7.


HOT_OFF ('p')

will turn off the <ALT><p> hotkey, eg. if this is used by a program as a command.

HOT_SET ('p')

will turn it back on.


HOT_SET will turn the hotkey back on again. HOT_REMV will remove the hotkey definition for good.