SCR_SIZE [(#channel)] or

SCR_SIZE (width_x,width_y [[,pos_x],pos_y] )


SuperWindow Toolkit

This function will return the space in bytes, a window (default #1) or rectangle on the screen, needs to be stored with SCR_STORE. Windows are specified just by reference to their channel number, whereas rectangles by their width and height. Naturally, the size of any shape is independent from its position but the co-ordinates may be also added as parameters without invoking an error message - or influencing the result of SCR_SIZE.


SCR_SIZE with a channel number will not work correctly if the Window Manager is present because of the different window definition blocks. Use either the second syntax or on a standard QL calculate the size yourself: size=8+width_x*width_y/4


SCR_STORE stores a part of the screen in RAM and SCR_REFRESH copies it back. See also WMAN$. CHAN_W% is much more flexible.