Syntax CEIL (x)
Location Math Package

The function CEIL returns the closest integer to x which is greater than or equal to x (the ‘ceiling’ of x). Compare INT which returns the next integer which is less than or equal:

CEIL(12.75)=13 INT(12.75)=12 CEIL(-2.3)=-2 INT(-2.3)=-3

CEIL can handle numbers in the range -32768<x<=32768.


A mechanic needs one and a half hours to replace the rusty exhaust of a car. If his rate of pay is £13 per hour, he will charge CEIL(13*1.5)=£20 for the job (excluding parts).


The simplest way to get a true INTEGER function, where x is rounded up or down to the nearest integer is with INT(x+.5) which ensures that INT(12.75)=13 and INT(-2.3)=-2.