Syntax GO TO line_number(GOTO is expanded to GO TO)
Location QL ROM

The command GO TO behaves in a similar way to GO SUB in that it forces program flow to jump to a different part of the program. It is not possible to RETurn to the statement following GO TO, unless you use another GO TO command. SuperBASIC allows much more elegant and powerful structures which should be used.


An extremely simple password check:

   10 INPUT Password$
   20 IF Password$=='QL lives' THEN GO TO 50
   30 PRINT 'Access DENIED'
   40 GO TO 10
   50 PRINT 'Access Granted'

This would be much better if re-written::

   10 REPeat Pass_loop
   20   INPUT Password$
   30   IF Password$=='QL lives' THEN EXIT Pass_loop
   40   PRINT 'Access DENIED'
   50 END REPeat Pass_loop
   60 PRINT 'Access Granted'


Please read GO SUB before you dare to try GO TO!