CHAR_USE [#ch,] font1,font2


Toolkit II, THOR XVI

This command allows you to attach substitute fonts in QDOS format to the specified window channel (default #1).

CHAR_USE will attach the two fonts at addresses font1 and font2 to the window in place of the current system fonts.

When a character is printed, if it cannot be found at either font1 or font2, then the first character of the second font will be used.

To return to the current system fonts on the specified window, use font1=0 or font2=0 as appropriate.

If you use the value of -1 as one of the parameters, then that font attached to the specified channel will not be altered by this command.


CHAR_USE #3,font_address,0

resets the first font in #3 to the font stored at font_address in memory.


This command will have no effect on a window OPENed over the Network.


Please refer to the Fonts Appendix concerning QL fonts.

CHAR_INC allows you to alter the spacing between characters.

CHAR_DEF allows you to alter the default system fonts.

S_FONT performs the same function as CHAR_USE.