HGET [#ch] length [ , access [, type [, dataspace [, extra ]]]]



This command allows you to access the various parameters which are contained in the header of the file attached to the specified channel (default #3). The command will set the supplied parameters to the required information.

If the specified channel is not open to a file, then an Invalid Parameter error is reported.

The information returned is as follows:

  • length = Length of the File

  • access = File Access Key

  • type = File Type

  • dataspace = Dataspace for Executable Files

  • extra = Extra Information


You will not be able to compile this command with Turbo or SuperCharge due to the fact that it alters its own parameters.


HPUT saves the file header information. See FGETH$ for information about the file header. See also HEADR and GetHEAD.