TURBO_repfil filename$


Turbo Toolkit v3.00+

This is a directive for the TURBO compiler and should be located at the start of your program before any active program lines. This directive expects you to specify a filename as a string. TURBO will use this file to produce a report on the compilation process, which can be useful to track down compilation errors and warnings. If no filename is specified, then all errors and warnings are merely shown on screen. The full filename (including device) should be specified in quote marks. As with other compiler directives, this value can be changed by configuring the parser_task program or by entering a different value on the Parser’s front panel.


5 TURBO_repfil "ram2_CT_report"


See TURBO_diags, TURBO_locstr, TURBO_model, TURBO_objdat, TURBO_objfil, TURBO_optim, TURBO_struct, TURBO_taskn and TURBO_window for other directives