Syntax HOT_KEY (key$,string$ [,string2$ [,string3$… ]])
Location HOTKEY II

This function is very similar to the first variant of the command ALTKEY provided by Toolkit II, except that it operates by virtue of the Hotkey Job, rather than a polled task, which should make the hotkey a little more reliable than the Toolkit II version (although this does mean than a hotkey set up under the Hotkey System II cannot be accessed from within a program running in Supervisor mode).

As with ALTKEY, this function creates a key macro which will be typed into the current keyboard queue each time that you press <ALT> and the specified <key$> at the same time. Again, if more than one string appears in the definition, an <ENTER> (line feed) will be placed between each string. If you want a line feed at the end of the final string, add a null (empty) string to the definition.


Although HOT_KEY will quite happily allow you to redefine an existing hotkey created with HOT_CMD or HOT_KEY, if any other command has been used to set up the hotkey (eg. ALTKEY), error -9 (in use) will be reported.


As with other Hotkey System II definitions, you will need to use HOT_GO before you can access this hotkey. See ALTKEY for more information.