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The function IS_BASIC allows you to find out whether the SuperBASIC program which executes the command is running under the interpreter or has been compiled. This is done by returning the sum of the jobnumber and the jobtag: the sum is 0 for the interpreter and a positive number for a compiled job. So NOT IS_BASIC is 1 under the interpreter and 0 in a compiled program (or a MultiBASIC on Minerva or Multiple SBASIC under SMS).


If a compiler is available, programs are normally compiled for: - faster loading - faster execution - possibly linking in Toolkits (QLiberator only) - easier multitasking - operating system independent code(QLiberator only) - shared code/hotkey execution (QLiberator only) IS_BASIC helps the programmer who uses the interpreter to develop programs which distinguish between features which are only available in compiled programs, for instance passing a command string:

110   CMD$="Test"
120 ELSE
130   INPUT CMD$
140 END IF


IS_BASIC will fail to spot a MultiBASIC or SBASIC interpreter.


PRIO sets the priority of the current job. Under SMS or Minerva, you can use JOB_NAME$ to look at the name of the task which would normally be SBASIC or have its first two letters as MB respectively for a Multiple SBASIC or MultiBASIC interpreter, unless the name of the Interpreter has been altered. Refer toJOB_NAME.