Syntax RESTORE [line_no]
Location QL ROM

In any program which uses DATA statements, it is necessary to tell the interpreter where the data begins within the program, so that it knows where to look when it encounters a READ command. RESTORE allows you to set the data pointer to a specific line number within a SuperBASIC program.

If line_no is not specified, then the data pointer is moved to the start of a program allowing all DATA within a program to be READ. line_no can be either a simple reference to a line number anywhere in a SuperBASIC program, or an expression which will be calculated by the interpreter when it reaches the RESTORE command.


The Turbo and Supercharge compilers cannot compile computed RESTOREs.


The data pointer is not reset when a program is RUN and it is therefore necessary to use an implicit RESTORE or CLEAR if you wish to read the same set of DATA each time that a program is RUN.


On some implementations RESTORE with an invalid parameter will do a RESTORE 0. This is fixed on Minerva v1.96+ and SMS which report the error.


See DATA and READ. Please also refer to RENUM.