COLOUR_24 [#ch]


SMSQ/E v2.98+

COLOUR_24 is a command used to select the colour palette to be used from within the Extended Colour Drivers provided with SMSQ/E v2.98+ on the QXL and QPC, providing a good graphics card is installed.

A valid window channel must be open, default #1 (or #0 on a SBASIC with only #0 open), although one may also be supplied as #ch.

This command is similar to COLOUR_PAL, but allows you to specify colours directly using the 24 bit colour mode, thus allowing 16777216 (2^24) colours on screen at the same time.

Although the command does work on hardware which does not support a 24 bit graphics mode, the specified colours have to be adapted to fit into the memory available for each pixel (eg 8 or 16 bits). This can cause inaccuracies and unpredictable results - COLOUR_NATIVE is preferable in such circumstances.


Refer to COLOUR_PAL and COLOUR_NATIVE for more details.

PALETTE_QL, PALETTE_8 and BGCOLOUR_24 all use the 24 bit table to describe colours.