Syntax RMODE [(screen)]
Location Fn

The function RMODE returns the current screen mode (of the screen belonging to the job which executes RMODE if the Window Manager is present).

If Minerva or Amiga QDOS v3.23 is present and is in dual screen mode, then PRINT RMODE(1) will show the current screen mode for the Other Screen (see MODE). If Minerva and Amiga QDOS is not present, (or dual screen mode is not active), then RMODE(1) will return -19 (for ‘Not Implemented’). Both RMODE and RMODE(0) return the mode of the Default Screen on all ROMs:

RMODE Min Resolution Colours
2 640 x 400 2
4 512 x 256 4
8 256 x 256 8
12 256 x 256 16


If a program is written to operate in one of these modes, it has to change to that mode at the very beginning. A simple MODE 4 will do, if high resolution is needed. But the MODE is executed even if the screen was already in the correct mode. It looks better if MODE is only done if the mode really has to be changed. CHANGE_MODE should be used instead of MODE:

100 DEFine PROCedure CHANGE_MODE (mode%)
110   IF RMODE(0)<> mode%
120     MODE mode%
130   END IF


MODE sets the mode. QFLIM returns the screen resolution. TTMODE% is similar.