Syntax HOT_CMD (key$,command$ *[,command$]*)
Location HOTKEY II

This function allows you to set up a specify a key, which, when pressed with <ALT> will call up the SuperBasic task (Job 0), Picking it to the top of the pile, and then send each specified command to the command console (normally #0) followed by <ENTER> at the end of each string.


ERT HOT_CMD ('d','INPUT "List Device: ";d$','DIR d$')

will set up a hotkey whereby whenever you press <ALT><d>, control will be returned to SuperBasic and the user asked to enter a device, after which, a directory of that device will be produced.


Although HOT_CMD will quite happily allow you to redefine an existing hotkey created with HOT_CMD or HOT_KEY, if any other command has been used to set up the hotkey, error -9 (in use) will be reported.


See HOT_KEY. HOT_GO is required in order to make hotkey definitions operational. FORCE_TYPE is very similar.