CONVERT src_file,dst_file,original$,replacement$



This command is used to copy src_file to dest_file and replace all occurrences of original$ by replacement$.

Both strings must have the same length.

The search is case-independent.

No default devices are supported.

Example 1

Take a QUILL-document and export it using the ‘Print to file’ option without a printer driver in the main drive.

Next VIEW it or look at it with an editor or by: COPY flp1_example_lis TO scr.

You will see the character CHR$(13) (the carriage return <CR> character) at the end of each line. This is not needed by QDOS to perform a carriage return on screen. Remove these excess characters with: CONVERT flp1_example_lis, flp1_example_txt, CHR$(13), “ “.

<CR> at the end of lines may also appear when downloading messages from a bulletin board or converting MS/DOS text files to QDOS.

Example 2

Badly written or simple programs generally lack the feature to change device names for file operations. Using commands like FLP_USE may have a negative effect on any jobs which are running simultaneously, so it is better to make the program use flp1_ instead of mdv2_.

This can be achieved quite simply with the command: CONVERT prog1_exe, prog2_exe, “mdv2_”, “flp1_”.


The character CHR$(0) cannot be replaced.


EXCHG is similar to CONVERT.