POINT [#ch,] x,y *[;xi,yi]*



This command draws one or more specified points in the given window (default #1). The co-ordinates are floating point numbers, which means that two POINTs drawn with:

POINT 20,20: POINT 21,20


POINT 20,20; 21,20

for example, are not normally neighbours. If a point lies outside a window, it is simply not drawn, ie. overflow errors do not occur. The graphics cursor is updated to the last point to be plotted.


POINT 50,50
POINT 50,50; 60,60
POINT #2,20,50
POINT #2,20,50; 50,20; 20,20; 50,50


On MGx ROMs, there is a well-known POINT bug which makes POINT draw two points instead of one. This is fixed by some versions of Toolkit II, the ST/QL Emulator, SMS, Gold Card, other ROMs (especially Minerva) and small patches like GPOINT. GPOINT includes two commands: a replacement POINT and GPOINT which is just another name for the same thing.


The relation between the supplied co-ordinates and their position in the window is defined with SCALE. The colour of the point(s) is set with INK. The window can be resized with WINDOW. LINE draws a line. The GPOINT command is fully identical to POINT except that it fixes the MGx ROM bug. Check the ROM version with VER$.