PJOB (job_ID) or

PJOB (jobnr,tag) or

PJOB (jobname)

Location Toolkit II

Each job has a priority - the function PJOB finds it and returns 0 if the given job does not exist, otherwise it returns the priority of the specified job.

You can calculate the job_ID with the formula:

job_id = jobnr + tag * 216

A negative job_ID (preferably -1) identifies the job calling PJOB. The higher the priority, the more working time a job draws from the processor, and therefore the faster the execution.


The priority of the main SuperBASIC interpreter can be seen with:



The maximum priority for a job on a standard QL is 255, however, on a Minerva ROM, the acceptable priority range is altered to -128…127. If PJOB returns a value over 127, then deduct the difference between this and 256 from zero to get the priority on a Minerva machine - see SPJOB for further details.


JOB$, OJOB and NXJOB return other information about a job.