FLP_USE [device]


Gold Cards, Trump Card, THORs, ST/QL, SMS, SMSQ/E for QPC

Software which was written in the early days of the QL tended to assume that it would always be run from microdrive, and therefore included no facilities to alter the default devices used by the software.

You may even find some software was written on a non-standard disk system and assumed that disks would be accessed via FDK rather than the normal FLP.

The FLP_USE command allows you to use such software by making the FLP device emulate any other device. You merely need to supply a three letter parameter representing the name of the device which is to be emulated. Once you do this, the FLP device will no longer be recognised. If the device is not specified, then the system reverts to using FLP to access the disk drives.


FLP_USE 'mdv'

will allow you to use software which would normally run from microdrive (unless it is copy protected!).


RAM_USE, DEV_USE and WIN_USE are very similar. DMEDIUM_TYPE can be used to find out the type of device which a name actually refers to. DMEDIUM_NAME$ will return the default name of a device.