Syntax CSIZE [#channel,] width, height
Location QL ROM

This command sets the size and spacing of characters in the given channel (default #1).

Width ranges from 0 to 3 and there are two possible heights, 0 and 1. Each width and height corresponds to a certain pixel size:

Width Spacing Size Height Spacing Size
0 6 5 0 10 9
1 8 5 1 20 18
2 12 10  
3 16 10

In low resolution mode width 0 and 1 have no effect: in that mode, the smallest character size allowable is 12 pixels wide; CSIZE 2,0.


On pre-JS ROMs, characters which use all eight pixels available for the definition of characters will not be printed correctly on screen. Even on JS and MG ROMs, problems exist in some character sizes. Minerva, SMS and the ST/QL drivers (Level E-23 onwards) prevent any such problems.


The THOR XVI allows you to use any value for the vertical size - odd values give double height characters and even values give normal height.


CHAR_INC allows you to change spacing independently of character size.

MODE will reset the character size to the default (ie. 2,0 in MODE 8 and 0,0 in MODE 4).

The command AT is also affected by the current character spacing.