HOT_PICK (key$, JobName$)



The function HOT_PICK is used to specify a hotkey to Pick a job of a specified name whenever that key is pressed together with <ALT>. In effect, whenever the hotkey is pressed, the specified program will be brought to the top of the pile, allowing you to continue work on it. The Job Name given need only be the first word contained in the name shown when you use the JOBS command, therefore meaning that Job names can be as descriptive as you like! If the specified Job is not present in memory when you press the hotkey, a warning beep will be sounded.


ERT HOT_PICK('p','Perfection')

will set up a hotkey which will allow you to jump straight into Perfection from any other program (provided that Perfection is in memory), just by pressing <ALT><p>.


HOT_PICK up to v1.22 gave problems on the ST Emulators.


EXEP, HOT_LOAD, HOT_CHP and HOT_RES all allow you to alter the Job Name of a program as it is loaded. Compare HOT_WAKE.