COPY_N file1 TO file2 or

COPY_N [file1] [TO file2] (Tooolkit II) or

COPY_N file1 [,file2 [,file3…]] {TO | !} fileb (THOR XVI)

Location QL ROM, Toolkit II, THOR XVI

This command is basically the same as COPY, but the file header is explicitly removed. This is important for example if you wish to copy a file direct to a printer attached to ser2.

If the file header was also printed, this would include some non-printable characters {eg. CHR$(0)}, which might be interpreted by the printer as control characters and therefore produce rubbish as output.

Toolkit II’s COPY examines the type of the destination device before it proceeds. It will not then copy the file header if this is a serial device or a parallel port. The standard COPY command contained in the QL ROM does not make this differentiation and so COPY_N must be used instead if the file header is not to be copied.


COPY_H forces the file header to be copied to the given destination (whether it is a serial port, a parallel port or not), and the syntax is identical to COPY, COPY_N and COPY_O.