VG_LOAD fontnr, file$ fontnr=0..15



This toolkit allows the QL to use BGI vector fonts (common on the PC) to draw on the screen. There are now numerous fonts available in this format for the QL, being the same format as used by the PROWESS programming system from PROGS.

The advantage of vector fonts is that they can be drawn on screen at any size and angle without affecting the legibility. Each character is not made up by a bit-map (as with the original QL fonts), but by a description of how each line is drawn to make up a character.

This command forces a BGI font file$ to be loaded from a file into memory. Fontnr is the number of the font Up to 16 fonts can be loaded at the same time; Fontnr may range from 0 to 15. The file$ can be any font in standard BGI format, for example those which are delivered with Turbo Pascal and Turbo C by Borland. The format used on the QL with this Toolkit is binary compatible.

If VG_LOAD fails to load a file for external reasons (eg. if the file is not found), the font which was previously attached to fontnr will have been lost.


VG_LOAD 1, "flp1_goth_chr"


You have to ensure that file is actually a BGI font. Otherwise your machine will almost surely crash.


See VG_PRINT about displaying text using a vector font and the other VG_XXX commands.