PX1ST [{ flag }]



This function can be used to determine whether IS_PTRAP has been used to dictate that any screen operations should just be ignored (this is the default under PEX on JS and MG ROMs). The function name has a digit one in it, not a letter ‘eye’.

If the value returned is 0, then (providing that you do not have a JS or MG ROM), PEX may be allowing background screen access.

If the value is not 0, then screen operations are merely ignored by the operating system (and therefore the display is not affected).

If you use this function to pass a parameter, then if the parameter is 0, then screen operations will not be ignored and whether they cause a Buried program to halt will depend on whether PEX is active. If you pass a non-zero parameter, then any screen operations will be ignored.


See PEON and in particular, refer to IS_PTRAP for more details. See also IS_PEON.