HOT_WAKE (key$,Jobname$ [;cmd$] [,Jobname$]) or

HOT_WAKE (key$,Jobname$ [;cmd$] !Wakename$)



Many programs which have been written to use the Pointer Environment will recognise what is known as a WAKE event - this defines something that the program should do once control is returned to the program, for example, updating its tables.

Whereas PICKing a job merely brings it to the top of the pile ready for use, when you WAKE a job, not only is it brought to the top of the pile, but also a WAKE event is executed (if supported). You should therefore WAKE any program which provides information on the current state of the computer or SuperBasic program for example.

The function HOT_WAKE allows you to set up a hotkey which will Wake the specified Jobname$ if a copy of the program is already being executed. However, if there is not already a copy of the specified Job being executed, the hotkey will then look for an Executable Thing with the same name as Jobname$ (which should therefore be specified in full), which, if found, will be executed by the hotkey, creating a new copy of the program.

As with the other hotkey commands, a command string can be passed to the program when it is executed (this will be ignored if the program is merely woken).

As with HOT_CHP1, HOT_RES1 and HOT_LOAD1, you can specify a Wakename$ which allows you to use the Hotkey to access two jobs, if at least the first Job (or Executable thing) exists then the Hotkey will do one of two things:

  • If there is a current job called Wakename$, then this will be woken; otherwise;

  • The first Job (or Executable Thing) will be Woken if it exists (or otherwise will be started up).

HOT_WAKE is ideally suited for programs where you would not want more than one copy to be executed at any one time (eg. a calendar program).


Some users prefer to be able to have a choice between either Waking an existing copy of a program (or executing the first copy) and loading another copy of the program at a later stage. This can be achieved, for example, with:



Versions of the Hotkey System prior v2.21 do not allow you to pass a command string. You also need v2.24+ to pass a job name.


HOT_PICK allows you to define a hotkey to PICK an existing Job.