Syntax SDP_KEY [key$]
Location Gold Card, Trump Card, SDUMP_REXT, ST/QL

In order to facilitate easy screen dumps, the command SDP_KEY will set up a hotkey which when pressed together with <ALT> will cause the whole of the screen starting at $20000 to be sent to the SDUMP device. Under SMS, you will first need to LRESPR SDUMP_REXT provided on the distribution disk to use this command. As with ALTKEY, if the specified key$ is in upper case, you will need to press <ALT><SHIFT> together with the key, or <ALT> with the key if capslock is on. SDP_KEY without any parameters inhibits the hotkey.



will cause the screen to be dumped each time that <ALT><P> is pressed.


SDP_DEV allows you to alter where the output is to go. See SDP_SET and SDUMP.