Syntax FLP_START time
Location Gold Cards, Trump Card, THORs, ST/QL (level D.02+ drivers), SMS, SMSQ/E for QPC

The disk system always tries to read data from a disk as soon as it can. However, when writing to a disk, it is necessary to ensure that the disk is running at full speed before any information is sent to it.

For relatively new drives, the default waiting time of 0.5 seconds should be enough to ensure that the disk is running at full speed.

The command FLP_START can be used for older disks to allow a longer run-up time. You will need to specify the time in 20ms units - some older drives may require a value of about 60.



sets the start up time to 13 * 20ms (260ms) - this may suit the most recent 3.5” drives.


FLP_START has no effect on either the QXL or QPC implementations of SMSQ and SMSQ/E.


You may also need to alter the stepping rate with FLP_STEP.