FLP_JIGGLE [driveno,] flag


Gold Cards

There were originally various problems when using Mitsubishi ED disk drives with the Gold Card and so a fix was incorporated in both the Gold Card and Super Gold Card operating systems which forces the drive read/write head to make a number of rapid steps.

This can however cause problems with other ED disk drives (normally seen in the form of ‘Not Found’ or ‘Bad or Changed Medium’ errors.

It was therefore felt necessary to be able to enable or disable this feature at the users request (the default is to have the feature disabled).

To enable this feature set flag to 1, 0 will disable it.

If driveno is not specified, then the setting will be applied to all disk drives connected to the (Super) Gold Card and automatically stored so that it is available on power on.

If driveno is specified, then the setting will only apply to that specified disk drive and will be forgotten when the power is switched off.


See FLP_STEP and FLP_START which overcome various other problems with some disk drives.