Syntax FLP_STEP [drive,] rate
Location Disk Interfaces, Gold Cards, SMS, SMSQ/E for QPC

The step rate enables the computer to known how quickly to step across tracks on the disk surface. Normally, this is automatically set to 3 milliseconds (ms) for 80 track disks and 6ms for 40 track disks, although if the system detects repeated errors on reading the disk, it will automatically slow the step rate.

Various old disk drives may require a slower stepping speed (you will generally know this from the noise the disk drive makes - it will make a repetitive knocking sound each time that the disk is accessed). You can do this by increasing the value specified by setting the rate using this command.

If drive is not specified, the new step rate is taken to apply to all disk drives connected to the system, otherwise, you can specify the number of the drive to which the new step rate is to apply.



Will produce quite a slow step rate for older drives.


Will produce a step rate of 12ms for the drive in FLP2_.


The first, optional parameter may not be available on some interfaces.


FLP_STEP has no effect on the QXL, QPC or Atari implementations of SMSQ and SMS.


FLP_SEC will alter the security setting for reading and writing to a disk. FLP_START may also be needed on older drives.