RJOB jobname [,error] or

RJOB jobnr,tag,error or

RJOB job_id,error or

RJOB [job_id,error] (BTool only)


Toolkit II, THOR XVI, BTool

This command removes a job from memory - all of its channels are automatically closed and any memory used by the job is freed. The error code is returned to the owner job of the removed job. The BTool variant of RJOB allows you to enter the command without any parameters which will kill every job except SuperBASIC (Job 0), see KJOBS and KILL.


If the first syntax does not work, you are using an old Toolkit version.


KJOB works similarly to RJOB. KILL, REMOVE and KJOBS remove all jobs. Have a look at JOBS, SPJOB, AJOB, SJOB etc.