PTR_LIMITS minx, miny, maxx, maxy


KMOUSE, MOUSE (DIY Toolkit - Vol I), Amiga QDOS (v3.20+)

This command is used to set the limits of the screen over which the mouse pointer can be moved using the mouse. The command expects four parameters, the minimum x and y co-ordinates and the maximum x and y co-ordinates. For a standard QL, you would normally set these values with:

PTR_LIMITS 0,0,511,255

However, on larger resolution displays, larger limits will be needed.

On the DIY Toolkit variant, the first two limits are ignored (they are always taken to be zero). The maximum co-ordinates should be in pixel sizes and can be any positive number up to 32767.

On Amiga QDOS, negative numbers can be used, but to retain compatibility, the first two parameters should be zero.

Having set these parameters, once the mouse pointer has reached this position on screen then what happens depends on whether the wrap-around display mode has been enabled with PTR_KEY 0,1 or PTR_KEY 1,1 (or not). If it has been disabled, then the mouse pointer will move no further. If it has been enabled, then the mouse pointer will appear at the other extreme limit.


PTR_POS can be used to dictate where the mouse pointer should appear on screen. This command only calls PTR_MAX on the DIY implementation.