QL ROM, Toolkit II

This command forces an interpreted program to be terminated at the position where STOP appears in the listing. The program can then be continued (provided that the message ‘PROC/FN cleared’ has not appeared) by using the command CONTINUE. Compiled programs terminate and remove themselves when STOP is encountered.


This program will print 1 and 2 to channel #1 and stop at line 120. If it runs under the interpreter, CONTINUE will restart at line 130 (after STOP) and print 3 and 4. RETRY does not continue here because it tries to re-run line 120 and stops again.

100 PRINT 1
110 PRINT 2
120 STOP
130 PRINT 3
140 PRINT 4


If Toolkit II is installed, STOP clears WHEN ERRor definitions.


RUN starts a program and GO TO jumps to a specified line. See CONTINUE, RETRY. Also see QUIT.