SET_FBKDT #channel [,time] or

SET_FBKDT \file [,time]

Location Level-2 drivers

The command SET_FBKDT sets the date when a file was last backed-up. The time specified, must be in the number of seconds since 1st January 1961, ie. the number returned by DATE. If time is not specified or is 0, then the current DATE setting is used. If time=1 this has no effect on the file. Normally the backup date is not set unless you do so using SET_FBKDT. This command supports the data default directory (set with DATA_USE).



sets the backup date on the file BOOT in the current data default directory to the current time and date.


FBKDT. See FGETH$ for the structure of a file header, especially which byte is modified when the backup date is changed.