RETRY [line_no](Toolkit II and Minerva)


QL ROM, Toolkit II

The command RETRY performs the same operation as CONTINUE except that interpreting re-starts with the statement at which the error occurred (CONTINUE re-starts the program from the next statement).

If you have Toolkit II or Minerva installed, you will be able to use the second variant of this command which allows you to re-start processing at a specified line number to help with error trapping. If the parameter is specified, this is exactly the same as the second variant of CONTINUE.


Take the following short program:

100 REPeat loop
110 INPUT 'Enter a number: ';a
120 PRINT 'The number you entered is: ';a
130 END REPeat loop

Now, when prompted to enter a number, enter a letter, which results in the error ‘Error in Expression’. If you were to enter the command RETRY, the program would re-start at line 110, asking you to enter a number. However, if you entered the command CONTINUE, the program would re-start at line 120, displaying the message:

The number you entered is: *


Please refer to CONTINUE!