Syntax FEX_M file *[,{filex | #chx}]* [;cmd$]
Location SMSQ/E

Variant of the FEX function that executes the given file and returns the new job ID. Differently to FEX, which starts the new job as owned by the system, FEX_M starts the job as a job owned by its parent job. This means that the newly started job will be killed whenever its owner job is killed.


the_job_id = FEX_M(win1_qmac)

Will execute Qmac as a job owned by the current S*BASIC interpreter. When the current interpreter ceases to exist, the new Qmac job will also be killed.


An exhaustive explanation of the possible options can be found with the description of EX. FEX_M takes the exact same arguments.


See EX.