Syntax INT(x)
Location QL ROM

This function returns the closest integer which is smaller than or equal to x. For positive parameters this means that the non-integer part of the number is cut off, so INT(12.75)=12 and INT(5)=5. Note that for negative numbers this is not true: INT(-12.75) = -13 because -13 < -12.75. INT can handle any number in the range -2^31<=x<2^31, except under SMS where it can handle much larger numbers, in the range -2^255 <= x <= 2^2047.


A function Rond(x,d) to round a number x to d decimal places:

100 DEFine FuNction Rond(no,plac)
110   LOCal temp
120   temp=INT(no*10^(plac+1)+.5)/10^(plac+1)
130   RETurn INT(temp*10^plac+.5)/10^plac
140 END DEFine
PRINT Rond (10.3226,2)

gives the result 10.32


The INT function does not round to the nearest integer, use INT(x+.5) instead.


On non-Minerva ROMs, unless you have SMS installed, INT with x>(2^31)-2 gives an overflow error.


CEIL is complementary to INT.