Syntax RELOAD program_name
Location MutiBASIC (DIY Toolkit - Vol M)

This command is the opposite to UNLOAD in that it fetches the program which is stored in memory and loads it into the current SuperBASIC interpreter. If the screen mode has been stored with UNLOAD (or RESAVE), then when the program is loaded, RELOAD checks if the current display mode is the correct one and if not will alter it (although see below).


See the various notes and warnings given for UNLOAD.


Any commands which appear after RELOAD will be ignored.


If you RELOAD a program which has a stored screen in a different mode to the current display mode, then the system can become confused if the Pointer Environment or Speedscreen is loaded. Therefore you should always ensure that the correct MODE is set before you RELOAD a program.


If the specified file is not a file you stored with UNLOAD or does not exist, an error will be generated. You may also get the error ‘Channel not Open’ if the program uses a channel which was OPEN when the program was UNLOADed but is no longer OPEN.


SCR_SAVE allows you to dictate whether the screen display and mode should be stored together with the program. REMOVE allows you to remove a program stored in memory with this command. See also RESAVE and QLOAD.