SET_YINC #channel, increment


DJToolkit 1.16

These two functions change the spacing between characters horizontally, SET_XINC, or vertically, SET_YINC. This allows slightly more information to be displayed on the screen. SET_XINC allows adjacent characters on a line of the screen to be positioned closer or further apart as desired. SET_YINC varies the spacing between the current line of characters and the next.

By choosing silly values, you can have a real messy screen, but try experimenting with OVER as well to see what happens. Use of the MODE or CSIZE commands in SuperBasic will overwrite your new values.


SET_XINC #2, 22
SET_YINC #2, 16
PRINT #2, "This is a line of text"
PRINT #2, "This is another line of text"
PRINT #2, "This is yet another!"