SMSQ/E v2.98+

COLOUR_PAL is a command used to select the colour palette to be used from within the Extended Colour Drivers provided with SMSQ/E v2.98+ on the Q40/Q60, QXL, QPC and Aurora.

This command requires the Extended Colour Drivers to have been loaded when SMSQ/E started (set by configuration or chosen from the start-up menu on QPC). It will not have any effect upon programs already loaded into the system.

A valid window channel must be open, default #1 (or #0 on a SBASIC with only #0 open), although one may also be supplied as #ch.

COLOUR_PAL selects the PAL colour mode, allowing 256 colours to be used. After using this command, the effect of the colour parameters supplied to commands such as INK will depend upon the table which appears in Appendix 16 - use the PAL colour value given for each colour (this is hardware independent).

As a result, code such as that given in the example below is required to check on the colour scheme currently in use and adapt the program accordingly.


100 REMark Make sure the program is in the right mode for Standard QL/Extended Colours
110 col_sys%=0:h$=VER$
130 IF RMODE=16:col_sys%=1:REMark Aurora - Extended Colour Drivers
140 IF RMODE=32:col_sys%=3:REMark QXL/QPC - Extended Colour Drivers
150 IF RMODE=33:col_sys%=2:REMark Q40 - Extended Colour Drivers
160 :
170 REMark Select Appropriate colour scheme
180 IF h$='HBA':IF col_sys%<>0:COLOUR_PAL
190 SELect ON col_sys%
200   =0:BLACK=0:WHITE=7:RED=2:GREEN=4:       REMark Four colours available
210   =REMAINDER :BLACK=0:WHITE=1:RED=2:GREEN=3:REMark 256 colours available
220 END SELect


The 256 colours produced under COLOUR_PAL on non-Aurora machines may be changed to allow any 24-bit colour using the command PALETTE_8. This will not work on Aurora, which has display hardware limited to 256 colours.


MODE commands have no effect under the Extended Colour Drivers. RMODE will always report 16 on Aurora, 32 on QXL/QPC and 33 on the Q40/Q60 if the Extended Colour Drivers are in use.


Refer to Appendix 16 and INK for more details.

COLOUR_QL, COLOUR_NATIVE and COLOUR_24 are all similar.

PALETTE_QL and PALETTE_8 affect colour palettes.

BGCOLOUR_QL and BGCOLOUR_24 can be used to alter the desktop colour of the main screen.

DISP_COLOUR can be used to switch between Extended Colour Drivers and the Standard Colour Drivers.